avastin lawsuitAvastin is a cancer drug that must be split into smaller doses for eye treatments. Before injected into patients’ eyes Avastin is put into syringes that are lubricated with silicone oil by compound pharmacists. This silicone oil makes its way into patients eyes leaving behind silicone floaters that may look a lot like air bubbles to patients.

Silicone has the tendency to migrate from the surface of the needle barrel and plunger and mix with liquid Avastin. And the longer it takes before the pre-filled syringe is used the chances that the silicone oil will mix with the Avastin increases.

If you or a loved one received Avastin Eye Injections and later experienced:

  • Silicone Oil Floaters
  • Particles in the Eye

You may be entitled to significant compensation from the manufacturer.

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